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Sale / Purchase - Old & New DG Sets

We are one of the most praiseworthy suppliers of old & new diesel generator sets in Hyderabad Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Area. We supply the used diesel power generators to our customers, who want to avail the generators but cannot afford a new one. We also purchase diesel generators from the customers who do not need them. The used generator sets are provided with all the advanced features so as make them user-friendly and highly efficacious. Our used generator sets consumes less fuel but still gives the maximum output.

We have positioned ourselves in the midst of the prominent providers of generator rental services. We have achieved proficiency in providing generators of different ranges starting from 15 KVA to 1250 KVA to suit all small & big corporate houses. We offer prompt genset rental services so as to provide utmost satisfaction to our clients. Besides this, we offer diesel generators which consume fuel economically. These services are provided for short as well as long duration of time as per the requirement of the clients. We provide a 24X7 emergency service. These services are provided to mall, hotels, industries, air ports site, restaurant, hospitals, multiplex complex, commercial complex, new construction projects, institutes, etc. A full line of spare parts and accessories is also available.

We offer annual maintenance contract for the DG Sets. Under the AMC contract, Our customers can avail our generator maintenance services at any point of time. By this service, we remove the worry out of owning a generator even after warranty ends by principle company.

The sound proof D.G sets are covered with acoustic insulation and thus ensure a noise-free environment. With this marvelous setting, the sound level can be reduced to from 120db to up to 70db at a distance five meters. The acoustic enclosures used in these D.G. sets are durable and the most reliable; they can withstand high temperature and all climatic conditions. Also, there are specially designed silencers that work wonders in the D.G. sets by bringing the noise level considerably to a decibel level pleasing to the ears.

Service & Repairing of DG Sets

Our company is regarded as the most outstanding service provider of genset maintenance. All the diesel generators are maintained by our experts. The diesel generator maintenance is provided at times of sudden breakdown of the supply of power. This service has enabled us to get name and fame as we provide this service better then all and in less time.