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Quality Policy

  • Reddy Generators will show commitment to comply with the requirements and continually strive to improve the effectiveness of the Quality procedures implemented.
  • Reddy Generators has a quality framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives. We review the quality policy guidelines every year to make sure we do not miss out on the quality.
  • The quality guidelines, regulations are continuously Communicated and understood by the employees and others related to Reddy Generators.


Go Green:

The generators hired from Reddy generators are engineered to produce lower diesel emissions and meet or exceed local emission standards. The equipment offered by us causes less air and noise pollution, depending on the recommended nature of use.

We also have the silent acoustic canopy generators for hire, which provide 70 % db sound levels as per the Supreme Court of India norms. These Gensets are soundproof, weatherproof, environment, friendly, compact in design and comply with the most stringent CPCB norms. These D.G’s are fitted with fuel efficient engines, coupled with high class alternator.

Being the pioneers in the in the equipment rental segment, we have a team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) who control the operating and technical staff. Having undergone rigorous training to repair machineries in an emergency situation. With this kind of setup we have considerably reduced the down time even at remote locations.


Dependability is a cherished quality amidst uncertainties. Reddy Generators. earned high accolades for competence, dedication and quality. Having gained experience of handling men and machinery, a fast pace for an impressive growth is now set.

Specializing in the development of sustainable Machinery, Reddy generators diversified into allied strategic business areas, which are wide ranging and impressive by any standards. A total commitment to quality and time has earned Reddy Generators the reputation of a highly dependable company.

We have a dedicated team of 15 technicians and 4 engineers who are trained to be working under emergency situations and provide you the best possible support. The engineers are continuously monitored and supervised by 6 technical supervisors. Above all this, we have 3 administrative and accounts staff to take care of the administrative needs of the company.

  • Experienced and well equipped state of the art in machinery and infrastructure to execute any kind of project.
  • Meeting and exceeding customer expectations of project completion dates and quality.
  • Proven qualification credentials to take up big size Orders
  • Hiring of Power Generator from 2.5 Kva to 1000 Kva.
  • We have generators of all the sizes and capacities to suit your needs. Currently we offer quality generators of the following capacity
  • We have(50 No)  hire Generator Sets 5 K.V.A to 1250 K.V.A which are noise less & Eco friendly.
  • We have (25 No)  Air Compressors  5 kg( bar)  to 24 kg (Bar) pressure and 300 CFM   To 1200 CFM    100  PSI  To  300  PSI


Continued Support:

Reddy Generators is known as a reliable rental power provider. We understand the urgency of your needs. We have equipped ourselves to provide you almost immediate support anywhere in the state. We can immediately assemble the system based on your needs and, deliver it (with all the ancillary equipment included), provide the connection, fuel, start-up, service, and maintenance, and can remain on-site to provide support when necessary.

Technical supervisors. Above all this, we have 3 administrative and accounts staff to take care of the administrative needs of the company.