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Emergency Generators

How do you rent electricity and who rents it?

Reddy  generators, often referred to as "gensets" or temporary/emergency/backup power supply, is specially designed to make temporary hook-ups fast and easy. Our suppliers help our customers with "turn-key" installations, including; hook-up, start-up, distribution panels, cables, and ready-made power cords, allow for ease of installation.

Some units in the rental fleet are permanently mounted on flatbed trailers and can be delivered to most locations in the Hyderabad Telangana and Andhra Pradesh within 24 hours. Once on the job, it is possible to have the units installed and generating power within hours. Building owners can rent power generating equipment for both planned shut-downs and emergency power needs when existing equipment fails.

What do we power?

Listed below are some typical applications for rental generators.

  • Large office buildings have been powered while repairs were being made to existing service.
  • Emergency power can be made available in the event of natural and or man made disasters.


New clients may be required to either pre-pay the first month's rental and delivery/set-up charges, or have an approved credit card with a credit limit and approval received before we can ship the generator(s).

What size units are available for rent?

In single package units, gesnets range from 5 kW to 1500 kW.

Using multiple units, we can arrange generating capacity up to almost unlimited MW range. 

Rental Generator Sizes:

35kW 60kW 100kW 125kW 150kW
200kW 250kW 300kW 350kW 500kW
750kW 900kW 1000kW 1250kW 1500kW


  •  All daily maintenance requirements can be performed from one side of the machine. The large doors gives you full access to the engine.
  •  External drain plugs for oil, fuel and water are fitted for con-venience in performing routine maintenance.
  •  Large fuel guage is fitted for simple viewing.
  •  For major engine overhauls, the canopy (bonnet) can be simply unbolted, which allows full access to the engine.
  •  Facilitates easy transportation using a crane.