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Generators lease


We  REDDY GENERATORS  are well-known and established service provider offering a wide range of branded gen sets for leasing to suit the needs and requirements of small to big enterprises. Our company offers silent gen sets of power 15to 2000 KVA. These gen sets are available for hiring and leasing.

Why should you lease gen sets?

Leasing gen sets make a lot of sense owing to these factors :

  • Establishing a new enterprise and is it going to take some time to reach the full capacity.
  • Organization under expansion and the power requirement is growing.
  • Process industry requires backup for critical loads.
  • If you do not want to make capital investments in captive power facilities.
  • You have a large order to be executed and need short term additional power.
  • You are setting up a new project site where SEB supply is not immediately available.
  • You are in a new industrial area, where SEB supply is yet to be streamlined.
  • The client has seasonal requirements of additional power.
  • You are experiencing inconsistent and poor quality SEB power.
  • You want to limit your maximum demand with SEB’s.
  • You need limited power during your planned plant shut downs.